the all-seeingeye James McAllaster House: Dining Room

January 2005

The dining room wallpaper has been showing its age for some time now-especially after the cats got started peeling it in one corner. Every surface except the floor had been wallpapered with a faux sponge pattern material in shades of pink.

So, after the family get-together for Christmas, we started peeling the stuff. There is a special circle of hell reserved for folks who wallpaper everything in sight. I think the appropriate punishment would be an eternity spent following a twenty-armed wallpapering demon around the same room over and over again removing wallpaper using only your tongue and a toothpick.

The next project was to replace the thin strips nailed to the ceiling with some more substantial beams.

Followed by an eternity of painting... I've never met a red paint that covers in anything less than 5 coats.

This built-in china cabinet was once a door leading to a bathroom, or possibly a back porch/bedroom. The only problem with it is the two drawers which are both too deep to be very useful, and hard to operate because of the friction they create with their guides when full. A side project to the renovation of the room will be to replace these two drawers with four shallower drawers of graduated depth operating on ball-bearing guides.