the all-seeingeye James McAllaster House: Dining Room Cabinet

Removing the drawers...

... reveals a box of quarter-inch plywood. Not something strong enough to hang drawer guides from.

Plywood liner with guide in place.

Dovetail corner and glide.

Drawers in place without 3/4 inch false fronts.

False fronts and knobs installed.

Finished cabinet.

This built-in china cabinet was once a door leading to a bathroom, or possibly a back porch/bedroom. The only problem with it is the two drawers which are both too deep to be very useful, and hard to operate because of the friction they create with their guides when full. A side project to the renovation of the room will be to replace these two drawers with four shallower drawers of graduated depth operating on ball-bearing guides.

The first step was to build a liner for the opening. This was 1/2 inch birch plywood butt joined with glue and brads. When wedged in the opening (I had to lube the sides with paste wax to get it in) that construction will be plenty strong. Once plumbed up, the case is secured with a couple of screws on the bottom and sides.

The new drawers and case are birch plywood. The sides and bottoms 1/2 inch, and the faces 3/4 inch. The corners are blind dovetailed using a Leigh D4 dovetail jig. The bottom panel has a rabbet around the perimeter which rests in dadoes cut in the sides.