Alexey Morozov


My last PhD project dealt with assimilating total electron content (TEC) data into the global ionosphere-thermosphere model (GITM, 2). The particular data assimilation algorithm we used is ensemble adjustment Kalman filter (EAKF), which is a part of data assimilation research testbed (DART).

Neat plot: the sample snapshot of the TEC data is shown in the upper left corner of this page. TEC animation for the full day of 26 June 2006 lets you see the motion of the subsolar point (watch the red cloud as it moves from 180 degrees longitude westward, then crosses the prime meridian, passes over Americas, and returns to its original position). Universal Time is shown in the bottom right corner.

Previous Projects

- Estimating thermospheric mass density: removing discrepancies between GITM output and CHAMP measurements by estimating F10.7.
- Adaptive control: controlling nonlinear and nonminimum-phase systems

General information

University of Michigan,
Aerospace Engineering

Prof. Bernstein
Prof. Ridley

Research areas
adaptive control,
system identification,
data assimilation

Received a JKCF Graduate Scholarship (May 2009)

Graduated with a PhD
(May 2013)

convex paper

SAE mini baja

assembler code for GPS system of Supermileage



Research Topic