Gregory (Greg) Muller

Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

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Introduction to Combinatorics (Math 465)

Math 465 is Michigan's introduction to combinatorics for advanced undergrads. Broadly speaking, combinatorics is the study of finite mathematical objects. Combinatorics plays an increasingly important role in various branches of mathematics and in numerous applications, including computer science, statistics, probability, and optimization. The course is divided into two sections.

  • Enumerative combinatorics: The study of interesting counting problems.
  • Graph theory: The study of connections between finite sets.
The course will loosely follow the textbook, A walk through combinatorics by Bóna. Enrolled students may find the syllabus, homeworks, and homework solutions on the course's CTools page.

Project Euler Club

I am the organizer of Michigan's Project Euler Club, a club for students to work through problems in the Project Euler database. Introductory slides for the club may be found here.

If you want to add the club's account as a friend on Project Euler, our Friend Key is