Gregory (Greg) Muller

Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

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Defending my dissertation

Slides from talks

  • Finite order approximations of scattering diagrams
  • Twists for positroids cells
    • CRM (Montreal), Summer 2015 (slides)
    • U. of Minnesota, Spring 2015 (slides)
    • CRM (Montreal), Summer 2014 (slides)
  • Separating good cluster algebras from bad ones (slides)
  • The geometry of cluster algebras (slides)
  • F-regularity and cluster algebras (slides)

Postdoc Algebraic Geometry Seminar

In Winter 2014, I co-organized the Postdoc Algebraic Geometry Seminar's thematic semester on the algebraic geometry of cluster algebras. Lecture notes and references are collected on the semester's page.