OI-DATA IDL Utilities

maintained by J.D. Monnier, University of Michigan

ANNOUNCEMENT: Offical (frozen) Release 1.0 planned for 2003Apr01 (see OI-DATA Web site for further information).

Modification History
Date Change
2013 Jan 07 Updated version of concat_oitable.pro and new routine copy_oitable.profor compatible with updated delvarx.pro in astrolib (thanks to Makoto Kishimoto). Some smaller updated by JDM to enrich the vis2data,t3data structures.
2007 Jan 17 Update of OI-DATA library with new routines for uv and time averaging -- also some new fields in extract_vis2data. These routines are well-documented.
2007 Jan 17 OI-FITTING Library released. Easy to calculate vis2data and t3data for images and binaries, and a few other small tools.
2003 Sep 28 Small changes to increase speed; New Utilities: extract_vis2data, extract_t3data, merge_oidata
2003 Apr 07 Updated Revision OI_REVN to 1 to reflect new FROZEN standard.
2003 Feb 18 Made compatible with IDL 5.1; fixed small problems; replace outdated testdata.fits
2003 Feb 14 Updated OI_TARGET; still Release 0
2003 Feb 08 Initial Release

compressed tar file of the OI-DATA Library
compressed tar file of the OI-FITTING Library

Other individual files can be downloaded below:

Filename Purpose
read_oidata.pro Routine to read oidata FITS files
write_oidata.pro Routine to write oidata FITS files
define_oiarray.pro Defines OI-ARRAY data structure
define_oitarget.pro Defines OI-TARGET data structure
define_oiwavelength.pro Defines OI-WAVELENGTH data structure
define_oivis.pro Defines OI-VIS data structure
define_oivis2.pro Defines OI-VIS2 data structure
define_oit3.pro Defines OI-T3 data structure
define_vis2data.pro Defines VIS2DATA structure
define_t3data.pro Defines T3DATA structure
extract_vis2data.pro Extract OI-VIS2 data into more usable IDL variables (no pointers)
extract_t3data.pro Extract OI_T3 data into more usable IDL variables (no pointers)
merge_oidata.pro Allows combination of oidata.fits files with no info loss
concat_oitable.pro Used to concatenate like structures (workaround for IDL v5.1). updated in 2013 for compatibility with devlarx update in astrolib.
copy_oitable.pro Used with concat_oitable.pro for compabiility with updated astrolib.
testdata.fits A very basic test FITS file distributed by J. Young
make_testfits.script IDL script to create bigtest.fits
bigtest.fits Test FITS file containing full richness of OI-data format