2007 Fall Astronomy 429: Senior Writing Seminar  (2 units)

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Course Details:

Prerequisites: Must be senior astronomy/astrophysics concentrator

Course Schedule

Course Description:

In this section of AY 429, we will discuss and apply techniques for writing clearly and concisely. Clear thinking becomes clear writing, and scientific discussion of a few recent articles will be an important part of this class.

Grading Policies:

Grading will be based on classroom participation and writing assignments. This will include in-class writing and peer-editing work. The final grading will be done according to the following table:

Assignment Percentage
Writing Assignments 60%
Participation 40%

Homework Policies:

Late homework is accepted, but suffers a 2-letter-grade penalty for each day late. While you may work in groups, each essay set should reflect your own understanding and be in your own words.

Printable Version of Schedule

Schedule for AY429: Last updated 2007Nov19 (schedules subject to change)

Date Readings Topics Homework
Tue Nov 13 Hand out Article #1 [Gnedin Class]
Tue Nov 20 Discuss Article #1.

Principle of Coherence

Precis handout

Write 2 page summary of article

[due Nov 26 noon by email]

Tue Nov 27 Hand out Article #2 Peer Editing
Tue Dec 04 Class Discussion

Discuss Article #2

Abstract Handout

Tue Dec 11
Abstract Discussion

In-class writing


Paper References: