Schedules: Last updated 2003April15 (schedules subject to change)

Date Weekly Readings Topics Homework
Tuesday March 18 Burke Ch.1-3.3(p1-27),

Burke Ch. 4 (p40-55)

Introduction to Radio Astronomy Handout #1 (due 3/25)
Thursday March 20 Important terminology, detection systems, telescopes
Tuesday March 25 Burke Ch.3.4-3.6 (p27-37),

Burke Ch. 7.1 (p 104-106),

Ch.8 (p128-152)

Radio observational techniques and methods Handout #2 (due 4/1)
Thursday March 27 Galactic continuum radiation
Tuesday April 1 Burke Ch.10


spectral lines; HI in the galaxy (preparation for SRT lab2) Handout #3 (due 4/8)
Thursday April 3 HI continued; special topic: X-ray Telescopes
Tuesday April 8 Burke Ch.5,6 (p56-103),

Burke A.1 (p351-358)

Interferometry and aperture synthesis (radio context) Handout #4 (due 4/15)
Thursday April 10 VLBI, phase problems, self-calibration
Tuesday April 15 Lawson Ch. 2,5,16 Optical interferometry; atmosphere; nulling Handout #5 (due 4/22)

Laboratory Sections
Date Readings Location Activity/Experiment Assignment Information
Wed March 19 Getting Started with IDL (Chapters 1 & 2) Angell 5190 IDL Tutorial Worksheet
Wed March 26 SRT Manual (Handout) Angell 5190 SRT Introduction;

Lab: Sun Scans

Lab Writeup

Due Wed April 9 [new due date]

Wed April 2 . Meet outside Tour of UM 26-m Radio Telescope
Wed April 9 Burke Ch.10 Angell 5190 SRT HI measurements; IDL work Lab Writeup Due Wed April 16
Wed April 16 Burke Ch.11 Meet behind Dennison @ 2:30pm 26-m observations of the Sun (Preparation) Lab Writeup Due Wed April 23 (Monnier mailbox on 8th floor Dennison)