Schedule for AY501: Last updated 2003Nov02 (schedules subject to change)

Date Readings Topics Homework
Wed Oct 22 Polarimetry #1
Fri Oct 24 Infrared Detectors (photoconductors, photodiodes, noise processes, MUXs, visit SNAP lab)
Mon Oct 27
Wed Oct 29 * Rescheduled (see Peach Mountain Visit below)
Fri Oct 31 Bolometers (basics, types, noise, cryogenics, examples) Due #1
Mon Nov 3
Wed Nov 5 Background-limited observing (dewars, lyot stops, chop/nod, *SNR*, advantages of SPACE)
Fri Nov 7
Mon Nov 10 MSS5 Atmospheric Turbulence Theory (Kolmogorov)
Wed Nov 12 Adaptive Optics
Fri Nov 14 Radio Astronomy (signal processing, telescopes, antenna theory, hardware, observing methods, spectroscopy) Due #2
Mon Nov 17
Wed Nov 19
Fri Nov 21 TMS


Radio Interferometry (single-baseline, important effects, VLBI)
Mon Nov 24
Wed Nov 26 No Class
Fri Nov 28 No Class (Thanksgiving)
Mon Dec 1 Monnier 2003; MSS Optical Interferometry (coherent combination, closure phase) Due #3
(Tue Dec 02) Visit to Peach Mountain Radio Observatory
Wed Dec 3 TMS(Ch5,10,11), MSS Aperture Synthesis Imaging (imaging theory, deconvolution, CLEAN, Maximum Entropy, self-calibration)
Fri Dec 5
Mon Dec 8
Wed Dec 10
Special Topics (optical fibers, coronagraphy, ...)
Due #4