Math 632. Algebraic Geometry II

    Here is a copy of the syllabus.

    Problem sets for the discussion session: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13
    Homework assignments: HW1, HW2, HW3, HW4, HW5, HW6, HW7, HW8, HW9, HW10, HW11, HW12

Here are some review sheets for some commutative algebra material that we will need in class:
1. Review of associated primes and primary decomposition.
2. Review of completion.
3. Review of modules of finite length.
4. Review of embeddings in injective modules.
5. Write-up about Serre's normality criterion.
6. Write-up about the local flatness criterion.

Aleksander Horawa has been live live TeX-ing notes during the lectures and he kindly made them available here.

Here are also my lecture notes for the course, continuing those from the last semester.

Here are solutions for the take-home exam.

Extra classes:

Lecture 1: An introduction to algebraic curves (Riemann-Roch, Riemann-Hurwitz, and applications)
Thursday, May 10, 2:10-4:00pm, EH 4088

Lecture 2: Intersection numbers of line bundles and the Nakai-Moishezon ampleness criterion
Thursday, May 17, 1:00-2:50pm, EH 4088

Lecture 3. Introduction to the birational geometry of surfaces
Thursday, May 24, 1:00-2:50pm, EH 4088