Combinatorics and graph theory

All the information about the course is available on the course Canvas page. However, I will keep posting here too the slides from the first part of the course (covering an introduction to graph theory).

Lecture 1. Generalities about graphs
Lecture 2. Eulerian and Hamiltonian graphs
Lecture 3. Trees, part I.
Lecture 4. Trees, part II
Lecture 5. The chromatic number of a graph
Lecture 6. Ramsey's theorem
Lecture 7. Estimates for Ramsey numbers
Lecture 8. Hall's marriage theorem
Lecture 9. Planar graphs
Lecture 10. Extremal graph theory, part I
Lecture 11. Extremal graph theory, part II
Lecture 12. Spectral graph theory, part I
Lecture 13. Spectral graph theory, part II