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Really the aughts were my days at the podium,

especially the years  2004–2008, right before the crash, sure, but also right before YouTube! This irony was marked by camera failure for my IxDA keynote in 2008, a talk on walking, and one of my all time favorite events. Since then I really am a thing of the past on the speaking circuit. I do not Tweet. No Facebook. Thus ever fewer calls. And would you miss flying, as it has come to be? Saving some carbon here. Still I would be glad to contribute a talk wherever appropriate, and I am generally willing to escape our new polar vortex Great Lakes winters...

Here for at least something live are a couple of podcasts:

On learning and feedburning, an interview on Section Cut, a networked curatorial enterprise among Taubman College alumni/ae

About Ambient Commons, an MIT Press interview

A couple of events I took part in last year:

City by Numbers: Big Data and the Urban Future (Oct.2014)

MIcities – technology innovation in Michigan cities (oct.2014)

Just to document that it ever happened:

Many past venues...