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Malcolm McCullough

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Hello, world. I'm still here,

decades later still holding forth as an old-fashioned professor. By "old-fashioned" I do not mean giving lectures and exams. I mean cultivating sensibilities, and maintaining knowledge, not manufacturing citation counts. I also mean remembering life before the internet, which while obviously less wondrous in some absolute way, was better, relatively, for the people who knew many things themselves. Today as a teacher I still pursue that kind of knowing, through learning that is engaged, project-based, technology-enhanced, speculative, collaborative,  informed by the world, and not just imagining that the net has become enough world in itself. Thus my most recent book has investigated attention to surroundings. My current research into smartgrids asks what it is like to live with more sensate surroundings. For when the internet becomes always-on, when you now have to check in just to do your work, or when people let distant overlords store (and mine) all their documents for them, that's when I begin to feel old fashioned. Able to enjoy moments without sending anyone anything about them. Missing almost everything. Which incidentally is what even the most perpetually connected person is doing. You are missing almost everything. The question is what you are inclined to notice. And for that, there is nothing like education.