1. What do you want most out of the thesis experience?
2. What do you want to make?
3. Who is this for?
4. When does your work flow best?
5. What would it take to design a project to enable that?
6. Do you generally have too many or too few ideas for a project?
7. Are your project ideas generally more generative of new concepts, patterns, processes)
or responsive to existing places, institutions, technologies?
8. Are your project ideas more about what you make or why you make it)?
9. How do you judge your project ideas?
10. Do you want to design a building, and why or why not?
11. Do you want your work to become an aesthetic artifact, unified in its own right,
(as opposed to just being an intelligible set of documents), and why or why not?
12. Do you want to make critical observations on society or culture, and why or why not?
13. Do you want to dig into scholarly research, and to continue writing all year, and why or why not?
14. Do you have some other agenda beyond the above four, and if so, what is it?
15. Now prioritize the above five.
16. Now picture yourself at the end of the process in May.
What do you need most to have then to at least connect the top two of the above priorities?
17. What domain best describes those ambitions?
(e.g. form-giving, place response, building technology, cognition, sociology, activism, etc.)
18. What topics within that domain invite more consideration?
19. What is the most interesting claim you can make about any of those topics?
20. What work can you propose to advance that claim?