From reviews of Abstracting Craft, 1996-2001


"McCullough has a particular gift for stepping back from electronic nitty-gritty to see the big picture: the impact that computer technology is having on how we make and interpret our objects and experiences. The cogency he brings to these matters makes this book--like Mumford's Art and Technics and Technics and Civilization or Giedion's Mechanization Takes Command--a valued source for anyone interested in the historical interplay of thought, work and culture."

--Edward Lebow, in American Craft


"Immediately refreshing. . . It is in the synthesis of different ideas, and even different disciplines, that the value of this book really resides, and that is why Abstracting Craft is so refreshingly different from most books on the subject."

--Graham McLaren, in Journal of Design History.


"Intellectual in the best sense."

--Barrie Evans, in Architects Journal


"This book should be read by every architect... "

--Norman Weinstein in Architectural Record


"This is truly a wondrous book..."

--Automotive Design and Production


"Achieves much upon which we may all build."

--Michael Gold, in Building Design


“A thoughtful, searching, and important essay on the place of traditional and aesthetic craft values in the new world of digital media.”

--Architecture Week


“An excellent, thoughtful book on the meaning as well as practice of design.” –Library Journal


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