Mika LaVaque-Manty's homepage

I am a member of a nuclear family unit which also includes a spouse, a dog and two elderly cats. I came to the United States from Finland in 1986 to go to college at USC.

My hobbies include cooking, photography, and distance running. I mainly run marathons (personal record 2:48:01); if I had the talent, the guts, and the time to train, I'd run 5Ks.

The banner above is a collage of two photographs: an Immanuel Kant finger puppet on the left, available from the Unemployed Philosophers' Guild (no financial interest), and a Photoshopped detail of a 1985 photo of the Berlin Wall. The photo is taken around the Potsdamer Platz; the graffiti is by the French artist Thierry Noir. The text says "Wer mauert hat es nötig": those who build walls need to.

Mika LaVaque-Manty