"Baltimore and the Youthful Narcotic Problem: A Work-in-



Professor Rhonda Williams

Department of History

Case Western University


Friday, Nov. 16

1-2:30 pm

Angell Hall, Room G115


Nationwide, marijuana and illicit narcotics lured youths in cities,

turning youth's community spaces, sometimes even those presumed safe and off limits, into embattled places within the city. Focusing on Baltimore and the publicized horrors of youth narcotic abuse, this lecture charts how municipal and federal officials, media, and police dealt with the youthful narcotic problem, thereby creating a narrative that forcefully linked race, gender, space, dope and danger in the public imagination.


Rhonda Williams is working on a book about the War on Drugs and the street hustling culture in Baltimore. She is also the author of The Politics of Public Housing: Black Women's Struggles against Urban Inequality.