Please join us for the second meeting of the Oral History Workshop, next Friday, November 16, from 3-5:30 in Tisch 1014. Rhonda Williams of Case Western University will participate in a panel with Nathan Connelly and Tamar Carroll on "Conducting Oral Histories in Marginalized Communities." Professor Williams will speak about her experiences conducting oral histories for her first book, "The Politics of Public Housing: Black Women's Struggles Against Urban Inequality" (Oxford: 2004); University of Michigan History PhD Candidate Nathan Connelly will speak about his dissertation research on African-Americans and Afro-Cubans in Miami in the 20th Century; and EIHS Postdoctoral Fellow Tamar Carroll will discuss her oral history interviews with working-class women activists in post-WWII New York City. Presentations will be limited to ten minutes each to allow lots of time for discussion.


In addition to our own research, we will be discussing Professor Williams' article, "'I'm A Keeper of Information': History-Telling and Voice," from the Oral History Review 28/1 (Winter/Spring 2001): 41-63; as well as Chapter 4: "'When Then Came the Change': The Fight Against Disrepute," and the Epilogue from Williams, "The Politics of Public Housing." Hard copies of the readings will be available in the history dept. mailroom by noon tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 16).