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Selected Recent Publications
Kohler, S.L. and M.J. Wiley. 1997. Pathogen Outbreaks reveal large-scale effects of competition in stream communities.  Ecology 87(7): 2164-2176

Wiley. M.J., S.L. Kohler and P.W. Seelbach. 1997. Reconciling landscape and site based views of aquatic  stream communities. Freshwater Biology 37:133-148.

Seelbach,P.W. and M.J. Wiley. 1997. Overview of the Michigan Rivers Inventory (MRI) Project. Fisheries Technical Report No. 97-3. Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Ann Arbor, MI.31.pp.

Seelbach,P.W., M.J. Wiley, J.C. Kotanchik and M.E. Baker.1997. A Landscape-based ecological classification system for river valley segments in Lower Michigan. Fisheries Research Report No. 2036.Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Ann Arbor, MI.51.pp.

Tompkins,T.,W.Whipps, L. Manor, M.J. Wiley, C. Radcliffe and D.Majewski. 1997. Wetland effects on hydrological and water quality characteristics of a mid-Michigan river system. IN: Trettin et al, Eds. Northern forested wetlands: ecology and management, Chapter 19. CRC Press Inc. Boca Raton FL

Hinz, L. C., Jr. and M. J. Wiley. 1997. Growth and Production of Juvenile
         Trout in Michigan Streams: Influence of Potential Ration and Temperature.

Wehrly, K. E., M. J. Wiley and P. W. Seelbach. 1998. A Thermal Habitat
         Classification for Lower Michigan Rivers.

Wehrly, K. E., M. J. Wiley and P. W. Seelbach. 1998. Landscape-Based
         Models that Predict July Thermal Characteristics of Lower Michigan Rivers.

Zorn, T. G., P. W. Seelbach and M. J. Wiley. 1998. Patterns in the
         Distributions of Stream Fishes in Michigan's Lower Peninsula.

R. Jan Stevenson, Mike Wiley, and Joe Holomuzki. 1999. Eco-region specific comparison of stream community responses to nutrient gradients using both survey and experimental approaches. p.81 in Proceedings: 1998 Water and Watersheds Program Review. 28-29 January 1998. Corvalis, Oregon. 92pp. National Science Foundation, Arlington. VA. 

Wiley, Mike and Joan Martin. 2000. Current conditions, recent changes, and major threats to the Huron River: a report based on eight years of citizen monitoring. Huron River Watershed Council. Ann Arbor, MI.

Seelbach, P.W., M.J. Wiley, P.A . Soranno, and M.T. Bremigan.  2000.  Aquatic conservation planning: Using landscape maps to predict ecological reference conditions for specific waters.  Chapter 26 In Gutzwiller, K., Editor.  Concepts and applications of landscape ecology in biological conservation.  (In Press) Springer-Verlag, New York, NY.

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