I currently teach two Biophysics Courses: Biophys430/Physics 430 & Biophys440/Chem440.

Medical Physics (Winter 2022 Biophysics430/Physics430) introduces the physics of physiological processes (cardiovascular, muscular, neuronal and renal), physics-based therapies, and biomedical imaging. Imaging techniques and medical physics based therapies will be elucidated in the context of the physical principles that are behind them. Examples for imaging techniques which will be covered include ultrasound, X-ray imaging, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and positron emission tomography. Radiotherapy methods will be also introduced. Part of the class will be dedicated to data acquisition and image analysis.

Biophysics of Disease (Fall 2021 Biophys440/Chem440) is offered to seniors and graduate students and introduces the principles of classic and newly emerging biophysical techniques and their applications to study disease. The diseases covered range from neurodegenerative diseases to cancer and infectious diseases. Methods like NMR, X-ray crystallography and single molecule techniques are discussed, as well as, how scientists utilize them to further our understanding of disease mechanism and develop therapies and diagnostics. The class focuses on interdisciplinary research that bridges basic science with medicine.

Previous Courses

The focus of my current research is on applications of biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics to study molecular mechanism of protein aggregation. Such studies require the usage of various methods and techniques and working with researchers with different backgrounds and stages of their career. In the lab we train and teach undergraduate, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers on how to conduct, design and advance scientific projects.

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