Marina Minkin

I am a PhD at the CSE department at the University of Michigan
Supervisor: Prof. Atul Prakash
Twitter @MarinaMinkin

I received my BSc and MSc at the Computer Science department, Technion, Israel.
I did my Master's under the supervision of Prof. Mark Silberstein and graduated cum laude.


CacheOut: Leaking Data on Intel CPUs via Cache Evictions
S. van Schaik, M. Minkin, A. Kwong, D. Genkin, Y. Yarom

Fallout: Reading Kernel Writes From User Space
M. Minkin, D. Moghimi, M. Lipp, M. Schwarz, J. Van Bulck, D. Genkin, D. Gruss, B. Sunar, F. Piessens, Y. Yarom

[USENIX SEC18] Foreshadow: Extracting the Keys to the Intel SGX Kingdom with Transient Out-of-Order Execution
J. Van Bulck, M .Minkin, O.Weisse, D. Genkin, B. Kasikci, F. Piessens, M. Silberstein, T. Wenisch, Y. Yarom, R. Strackx

Foreshadow-NG: Breaking the Virtual Memory Abstraction with Transient Out-of-Order Execution
O.Weisse, J. Van Bulck, M .Minkin, D. Genkin, B. Kasikci, F. Piessens, M. Silberstein, R. Strackx, T. Wenisch, Y. Yarom

[EUROSYS17] Eleos: Exit-Less OS Services for SGX Enclaves
M. Orenbach, P. Lifshits, M. Minkin, M. Silberstein
Link to paper


Founding, and running an Arduino class in the CS department at the Technion for 8 semesters, from 2014 to 2018. Winning 4 times the Amdocs excelent project prize and multiple appearences in the press. Here is the course's YouTube channel


I like building robots and posting videos of them on my YouTube channel
I like doing gymnastics. More on photos/videos my Instagram account

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