Park West
(Chicago, Illinois)

19 April 2002

Billy Bragg & the Blokes



Bill with the Burns Steer (aka "that green guitar").




Lu Edmonds on the guitar, with Mac in the background.




The ever-dynamic Martyn Barker.




Mac, behind Lu's saz.




Martyn Barker, with udu. Relate its sound to that of slowed-down Depeche Mode records...




"...and I'm half English too!"




What the Blokes did while in Chicago (according to Bill, "Badly Drawn Bloke"): Ben Mandelson bought this Rickenbacker lap steel,...




...while Simon Edwards went to a White Sox game, where the players didn't wear white socks.




Someone in the audience threw ("Ramblin'") Billy Bragg a shirt reading "Political Prisoner in training."




Now what were those Turkish instruments again? L-R: tarbush, cümbüs, and baglama saz.




Martyn Barker (drums) and Simon Edwards (bass).




"For you I will be the man in the iron mask..."




Lu Edmonds on the guitar, and Mac on the keyboards.




Grant Showbiz and Jon Langford, who was in attendance. Also present: Tracy Dear from the Waco Brothers.
(Grant: "You've just ruined a perfectly good picture!")





Black 47


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