Majestic Theatre
(Detroit, Michigan)

17 April 2002

Billy Bragg & the Blokes



Ben Mandelson (bugelëiser) and Bill.




Lu Edmonds on the saz.




"Some Days I See the Point" features Martyn Barker on udu.




"NPWA" opens with Lu Edmonds on the tarbush — a hybrid cümbüs that sounds like a tar.




For the encore, Bill takes the spotlight with a solo set.




...starting with "The Man in the Iron Mask."




Simon returns on bass for "Tears of My Tracks."




Lu Edmonds on the cümbüs.




...and the guitar.




The usual suspects (apologies to Geoff), L-R: Billy Bragg, Ian McLagan, Lu Edmonds, Ben Mandelson, Simon Edwards, and Martyn Barker.





Black 47


(Blokes) Mystery Shoes • Accident Waiting to Happen • I Guess I Planted • Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key • NPWA • The Warmest Room • California Stars • St. Monday • Some Days I See the Point • Valentine's Day Is Over • Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards • England, Half English • A New England

(encore, solo) The Man in the Iron Mask • The Only One • Dry Bed • Take Down the Union Jack • Rumours of War

(with Simon) Tears of My Tracks

(Blokes) Upfield • Baby Faroukh • Sexuality


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