The Forum
(London, England)

23 March 2002

Billy Bragg & the Blokes



A ticket to the show.




Bill on the guitar.




L-R: Simon Edwards (bass), Lu Edmonds (guitar), and Ian McLagan (keyboards).




Bill (guitar) and Simon (bass) square off; Martyn Barker on the drum kit.




Ben Mandelson on the bouzouk.




Lu Edmonds on backing vocals and the Gretsch guitar.




Simon Edwards points to Mac and Lu.




Bill says goodnight!





The Waifs


(Blokes) Mystery Shoes • Accident Waiting to Happen • I Guess I Planted • Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key • NPWA • The Warmest Room • California Stars • St. Monday • Some Days I See the Point • Valentine's Day Is Over • Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards • England, Half English • A New England

(encore, solo) The Man in the Iron Mask • The Only One • Brickbat • Take Down the Union Jack • Ingrid Bergman

(encore, Blokes) Upfield • Yarra Song • Sexuality


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