The Liquid Room
(Edinburgh, Scotland)

5 December 1999

Billy Bragg & the Blokes



The Blokes soundchecking on their own...  L-R:  Ben Mandelson (bouzouk) and Martyn Barker (drums).




The Blokes on their own...  L-R:  Martyn Barker, Lu Edmonds (guitar), and Ian McLagan (keyboards).




"Take down the Union Jack / It clashes with the sunset..."  Bill tries out a yet-unnamed song.




Simon Edwards (bass) and Lu Edmonds (saz) on "Debris."




Bill pulls out an acoustic guitar for "Debris."




Ben Mandelson
(wearing the Badge of Mustapha) on the violin for the intro to a rousing cover of Ian Dury's "Billericay Dickie."




Mac at the Hammond.




"And he's doing very well!"  L-R:  Simon Edwards (tambourine), Ian McLagan, and Lu Edmonds (guitar).

Flyers handed out during the show.



Kate Rusby and her band


(Blokes) Accident Waiting to Happen • Milkman of Human Kindness • She Came Along to Me • Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key • St. Monday • Sulk • Rule Nor Reason • I Guess I Planted • All You Fascists Bound to Lose • Shirley • A New England

(encore 1, solo) [new, yet unnamed song; later named Take Down the Union Jack]

(Blokes) Debris • Billericay Dickie

(encore 2, solo and acappella) I Don't Need This Pressure Ron


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