Tivoli Theatre
(Fortitude Valley, QLD)

18 September 2003

Billy Bragg & the Blokes



Ben Mandelson and Billy Bragg at soundcheck.




Soundcheck, L-R: Bill, Martyn Barker, and Simon Edwards.




Ben Mandelson checks his slide.




Soundcheck silhouette.




Simon Edwards checks on the Peruvian cajon.




Martyn Barker on the drum kit.




Checking levels, L-R: Kevin, Ben Mandelson (slide), Martyn Barker (cajon), Simon Edwards (bass), Bill (guitar), Lu Edmonds (saz), Ian McLagan (keyboards).




L-R, back: Ben Mandelson and Lu Edmonds.
L-R, middle: Simon Edwards, Martyn Barker, Billy Bragg, Ian McLagan, Peter Jenner (manager), Grant Showbiz (FOH sound), Kate Stewart (tour manager).
L-R, front: Mushi Jenner (manager), Duckpond (lighting), Kelvin "Baldrick" Flanders (road).




Bill and the Burns Steer.




Lu Edmonds on the cümbüs.




Bill on guitar.




Mac sings on "Debris."



Lu Edmonds on the baglama saz.




Simon Edwards (bass) and Lu Edmonds (guitar).




Bill says goodnight!







(Blokes) Upfield • She Came Along to Me • Greetings to the New Brunette • Some Days I See the Point • Levi Stubbs' Tears • St. Monday • The Price I Pay • Way over Yonder in the Minor Key • Save the Country • California Stars • NPWA • There Is Power in a Union • Sexuality

(encore 1, solo) Dry Bed • Jeane • The Saturday Boy

(with Mac) Walk Away Renee • A Lover Sings

(Blokes) Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards

(encore 2, Blokes) Debris • A New England


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