The Story of the Heroic Struggle of the People of Kronstadt Against the Communist Party Dictatorship,
with a Map of Kronstadt, Its Forts and the Gulf of Finland

Title Page

The Beginning of Worker Disturbances in Petrograd
Beginning of the Movement in Kronstadt
Formation of the Kronstadt Provisional Revolutionary Committee
Kronstadt Takes Measures of Self Defense
Kronstadters and Bolsheviks
Composition of the Provisional Revolutionary Committee
The Bolshevik Attack on Kronstadt
"The Third Revolution"
The Storm of Kronstadt
Hopes of the Kronstadters
Lies and Slander of the Bolsheviks
Kronstadt's Slogans
The Bloody Struggle
The End of Kronstadt
Consequences of the Kronstadt Uprising, and Its Meaning

Appendix:  The Complete Edition of Izvestiia of the Provisional Revolutionary Committee