My dearest Elaine,

In the many years it has been since I have seen your sweet face, I find that I miss it dreadfully. But bygones cannot be changed; forever you remain in my mind my darling daughter, but I know that should we meet again, there will be little love for me in your heart. It is as it should be, I suppose.

I cannot foresee how many years it will be before you come to look at your father's sword. I cannot tell if you will know of Amber, or if this word will mean nothing to you yet. I hope-- a hope beyond hoping-- that the word will someday mean as much to you as it does to me, and perhaps then you will understand the reasons I had to leave behind the dearest husband and the sweetest daughter.

I can foresee this, however: that times and places never remain the same. You will soon be at the helm of the destiny of this shadow, this beautiful Glorethien, that I have loved and called home for ten golden years. Take then this sword-- your father's sword-- the man who loved us both and gave us willingly his name, protected and provided for us when we needed it, and taught you as his daughter and I as his wife such lessons of love and leadership that we will never forget.

There lies a path ahead of you, and it diverges many times. You will know which turn to take, for your father's voice will speak to you, and urge you on the course you know is right. Never fear his voice, and never fear that in knowing you were not the daughter of his blood that he did not love you as the daughter of his heart. This sword, carried at his side all the years of his adult life, is a reminder of his character, and a promise that good can triumph over evil, and Order can win over Chaos.

Perhaps someday we will meet again, daughter.

I am sorry.