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Chaos is a road between the worlds
but order is the rock on which we stand
We use the power running in our veins
to break weak wills and so enforce demands

To some of us belongs a stronger sight
of distant space and then of endless time
We pierce the veils that divide this plane
and walk the shining pattern of the mind

From this vantage point we now command
a view of rising storms, yet cannot see
what clear horizon or what hurricane
lies beyond and shapes our destiny

    -- from "Dworkin's Seed" by Jennifer Bowen

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"Chaos and Order"
The Book of the Unicorn
The Book of Saints
The Book of the Serpent
The Dread Lords
Trump Scrying

Chapter One: Jihad
Amber meets the threat of an invasion from the Church of the Unicorn, and eventually puts Raphael as leader of the Church. Joaquim becomes a Knight of the Unicorn, as does Harlan. An attempt is made on Random's life; he lies comatose. Keir is Regent. Joaquim, Harlan, Elaine, Eve, Rufus, Merlin, Christoph and Sorcha find themselves in possession of Pattern Swords. Keir and Desiré have become engaged.
Chapter Two: Strangers and Sojourners
Amber hosts a summit of the main religious figures of the Church, and welcomes the Priest of Priests back to the Temple of the Unicorn in City Amber. Merlin is awakened from his coma by Desiré and Griselda, and takes Christoph and Eve with him to Argentum, Corwin's Universe. Justin comes to Amber and saves Elaine's life, and brings with him news of their enemies in shadow. The Library at Memnos is invaded, and Fiona is driven back to Amber. A new daughter of Benedict is discovered.
Chapter Three: Ancient Enemy
Joaquim decides to run his enemies to ground-- specifically, Emma and Blaine. Unstable Harlan has a bad reaction to meeting the folk who tried to kill the woman he loves-- and his secret powers come to the forefront, killing Blaine's henchman, Raj, as well as Griselda and Mica. Harlan goes on the run, trying to expiate his guilt and learn a way to control his powers. In the process, he discovers that he is the heir to an ancient house of Chaos. Elaine discovers a similar thing about herself; she learns that she was the child of a calculated breeding project performed by her mother. Elaine attempts to pursue Harlan repeatedly, but never succeeds in bringing him home for happily ever after. In Argentum, the first appearance of the Dread Lords is noted. Eventually, the Dread Lords win free of Argentum and arrive in the regular universe, and begin a systemic elimination of the bastions of the two realities. Adam reveals himself to Eve-- he is the incarnation of the Serpent, and she, the Unicorn. Emma effectively kills Adam and resurrects the Serpent in all of his primal glory.
Chapter Four: The Coming of the Storm
Desiré opens the Book of the Falling Star and understands what must be done. The nine are called. Eve, Rufus and Justin travel to the past to stop someone from opening a channel between Pattern and Logrus, and then journey back to prevent Corwin from drawing his Pattern, which in turn would preven the Dread Lords from ever gaining access to the Universe. Christoph, Joaquim and Desiré journey to the future, where they stop another of the Dread Lords' tools from opening a similar channel. In the present, Elaine, Merlin and Lourdes do the same. Eve shows herself as the Unicorn to Corwin, and does not travel back to the present. Two time-streams meet when Rufus and Justin return without Eve. Corwin's Universe, Brianna and Eve and the Dread Lords become memories for only those who traveled through the doors of time.

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