Session 21

"They're oddly crunchy. But they're salty, and that's all that counts." -Julie

"I'll just write 'Embeth postulates on stuff'." -Joe
"Are you sure you can put that in a PG log?" -Jason

"And I guess an infinite amount of rare shadows... "mumbles "...would still be infinite." angrily "Oh, this is going to go nowhere again." -Dwinn

"And why would they take three chaste women?" -Griffin
"And pursued..." -Julie

"My behavior is not driven by my actual needs." -Jason or Fletcher-- you be the judge

"The Defloration of Independence." -Dwinn

"There is a large empty space snoring under my bed." -Julie, speaking for Syrana

"Was it a fiction type historical fiction, or...?" -Julie
"Julie, do you want to ask me that question again using real words?" -Mer

Session 22

"What would you say if I wanted a hug instead of being picked on tonight?" -Jill
"I'd say this is like any other day of disappointment in your life." -Jason

"A fief..." Mer, mispeaking the word 'theif'
"He's a one-man duchy." -Jason

"Wow. There's like no space in my head right now... I had to say to before anyone else did." -Mer

"He has all thes little marks that are oozing blood, but are now beginning to heal." -Mer
"Oh, good for you - putting in oogy things." -Jill

"The bog monster looks not upset, but annoyed." -Mer
"He was hoping this would go smoothly." -Jason
"I have golf in an hour." -Dwinn, speaking as the bog monster

"You know it's bad if Griffin thinks there's excess drama in the situation." -Jason

Session 23

"We should make him walk the Pattern again." -Jason
"Throw another shrimp on the barbie!" -Dwinn

"She says she was sent by the King of Dreams. She says she's Amber's dreams made flesh... she's really very nice, actually." -Shen

"It's been suggested that the contents of [Stark's] inner thighs are not private information." Jason, to Jill

"Splash! Merlin goes down with Besty. Wait! That sounded bad." -Mer

"Is demon-octopus kosher?" -Dwinn

"Help!" -Griffin
"You look to be in a spot of trouble." -Korbin
"Your son is--" -Griffin
"I'm not surprised." -Korbin

"I'm hearing voices." -Jill
"Are you sure it's not the toilet?" -Jason

"I'm acutely aware of what an ass I am." -Jason, regarding his character
"Now if only Jason..." -Jill

"Rebman ale: it's really watery." -Mer

"He cocks a brow." -Mer
"Wow, this has already been a three eyebrow conversation." -Joe
"We're running out of eyebrows." -Jill

Session 24

"Guideline - period humor is rarely funny." -Joe

"What happens if you walk the Pattern and think of yourself?" - Joe
"It's called Pattern masturbation." -Mer

"After I take the Roman army class, I'm going to come back and gladiolus you. That's the name of a type of Roman sword, right?" -Mer
"That's a gladius." -Julie
"Isn't a gladiola a flower?" -Jason

"Now we have creamy head!" -Mer

"I'll prep the uterus when I get ready to put stuff in it." -Mer

"Besides, I don't want to be stalker boy." -Jason
"What's this? Some part of Jason over-riding the character?" -Mer
"No, no, Jason would stalk her." -Jill

re: shapeshifting, and jumping off a cliff
"But Fletcher told me if my life was in danger it might express." -Joe
"What makes you think you'd have wings?" -Mer
"What makes you think you're a shapeshifter?" -Jason
"What makes you think Fletcher'd tell you the truth?" - Dwinn

"I am all that is needed for the morale of my troops." -Honor

Session 25

"Wow. The potato is very good for my Shen voice." -Joe

"Julie, will you come over here and sit on my feet?" - Jill
"I ask stuff like that all the time and I just get slapped-- oh, you said 'feet'." -Jason

"It doesn't take much for plot to get a touch on you." -Joe

"Yup, yup. I'm familiar with gangrene. Caused enough cases." -Fletcher

"The burden of leadership weighs heave on [Cecily], but as always she is-" -Griffin
"Crabby." - Julie

Session 26

"If I could have little insects cleaning my armpits--!" -Joe

"Only you would have a character raised by something you can't pronounce." -Mer, to Jill

"Is it pornographic enough to interest me?" -Jason
"What's 'enough?'" -Mer

"Just so everyone knows, Cecily is grounded from all mortal combat." -Fletcher

"Joe knows all the magic itchy spots." -Jill
"Well, I just scratch all the spots that would feel good on me-- within limits." -Joe

"[Syrana] went off to see her mother." -Griffin
"Her mother is dead." -Gerda
"Snausages!" -Jason

"Paleopornologist." -Mer

"Well, you have bad stuff - a broken ankle, and her elbow hit you and breaks a rib and your lung is punctured." -Mer
"If I had known this was going to happen, I wouldn't have read the log to you ungrateful fucks." -Joe

"The only way to defuse the bomb is to nuke the city." -Jason

Session 27

"I'd like to talk to Harmony first." -Jason
"What?" -Mer
"I'd like to talk to Harmony first." -Jason
"Okay, I heard, 'I'd like to harm one of you first." -Mer
"Maybe Fletcher's subconscious was speaking." -Julie

"I can't even begin to express how uninterested I am in being reasonable." -Fletcher

"Maybe the prophecy is a dream." -Jill
"Maybe the dream ins a prophecy." -Julie
"Maybe it's all just a bad idea." -Jason

"I will approach in such a way as maybe not to be seen." -Griffin

"[The dog-demons] give off radiation." -Grayson
"Demon rays." -Jason
"Do you get any Vitamin D off those?" -Dwinn
"No..." Mer
"It's Vitamin Demon." -Dwinn

Session 28

"He forthwith returns anon." -page
"No, I'm using my real name." -Jason

"I think channeling Jason would be oogy." -Jill
"Lots of things involving me are oogy." -Jason

"You would think dreams would be light... Harmony is heavy." -Shen

"There are a limited number of crimes Fletcher can be accused of: murder, rape, battery..." -Jason
"Fashion." -Mer

"If anyone ever asks in an interview, [say] 'A' is for 'Arson' and 'B' is for 'iotch'." -Joe

"But [M&Ms] do melt in your ass... I assume." -Mer

"I'll be in the shaodws and in the cloak... so it's doubly nothing." -Dwinn
"He's so secret that you know he's there." -Mer

"It's a little like holding poop in, this being in a form you're not used to." -Mer to shapeshifting Fletcher

after the earthquake
"Did the earth move for you, too?" -Dwinn

"Anything attached to Gerda has a leash." -Mer

Session 29

"Nothing should be pain-free, except me." -Jason

"Your Y chromosome makes you my vassals." -Jason

"We've got to get Shen laid because he thinks rats are suitable sexual partners." -Mer

"You're one of those people who doesn't spend every idle moment surfing your friend's web pages, aren't you?" -Jason

"I think the defining quote for this game is Dwinn's quote, 'Oh, this is going to go nowhere again.'" -Jason
"When you're right, you're right." -Dwinn

"My thought was that loyalty could be found by looking in the right place." -Dwinn
"Oh-- that's really far away." - Mer

"After last night, it looked like everyone had found their buddy." -Griffin
"Which is why you keep talking about yourself?" -Harry

"Gerda-- no, she's busy." -Harry
"With a bottle brush and Listerine." -Joe

"Oh, you made up little individual packets-- just like a Girl Scout den mother!" -Mer to Jason

"It's nice and warm and soft because it's been in my pocket." -Joe

"Sorry, Joe. I didn't mean to just involve your penis." -Mer

"That would make you just a big lecher." -Stark
"Did you say Fletcher?" -Mer

"You definitely left me changed." -Stark to Aidan
"You definitely left me plural." -Joe

"This game is about pleasing Jason." -Joe
"No. The game is imaginary. Life is about pleasing me." -Jason
"Or so he imagines." -Julie

"I'm less useful when I'm full of arrows." - Stark

"The enemy of someone I never met is my friend-- wait a minute" -Jason

"Nothing must come between Mer's lips and mine." -Jason

"So you're upset because you might be pregnant." -Fletcher
"It's almost like you're in tune with my feelings." -Gerda

"What are you saying, I may as well have your baby because you don't usually repulse me?" -Gerda, to Fletcher

Session 30

"I once got a nightgown from the Toothfairy for Hannukah." -Jill

"In my evil little Fletcher mind, it's all leading up to invading her personal space." -Jason
"I think you've already managed that..." -Joe

"I could take a position as Court Trump Artist." -Luke
"Or Regent's Punching Bag." - Cecily

"You got a blood transfusion from a Chaosite!" -Mer
"Doesn't the spleen filter that stuff out?" -Joe

"When you have passed your hundredth year, you will realizes some things that die in you come back to life when you least expect it." -Salome
"Like my uterus!" -Jason
"That is not a quote!" -Mer

"Whatever it is that has the strength to kill me, it's not love." -Fletcher

"It's analogous to a love/hate relationship, but is more like a tolerate/really don't like relationship" -Fletcher

Session 31

"Kayla calls [Amber] the 'big talking game'. She says it doesn't seem like a lot of fun." -Mer

"Paranoia does not even begin to encompass your problems." -Mer to Joe

"You get the impression [Salome is] very shallow. That there's not much more to her than wearing black leather and talking smack." -Jason

"If we die here there is little chance we will be alive tomorrow." -Griffin

"Yeah, elevate her torso, so it won't bleed away from her heart..." -Mer, re: the PC's attempts to administer first aid on Gerda

Session 32

Jill makes strange noises
"I guess that's Jill doing 'ejaculation.'" -Mer
"I so want off this train of thought." -Joe

"In point of fact, Stark, anytime someone goes missing we check your bed." -Fletcher

"Yeah, the timidity does crap to my to my hair..." -Mer

"If you guys had been here when the conversation started, you'd be in the know on this thing." -Jason
"And we still wouldn't care." -Julie

"Will [the intervening hours] be interm... intermn..." -Jill
"Interminable? No, unless you keep trying to say that word." -Mer

"I'd just start to like the tentacle guy-- not that way!" -Mer

"You given any more thought to the position we'd discussed?" -Fletcher
"Defense minister, wasn't it?" -Cecily
"Or whatever you want to call it." -Fletcher
"Well I can't think of anyone else better for the job, so it's yours." -Cecily
"Not the recommendation I was hoping for, but I'll take it in the spirit I wanted it to be intended." -Fletcher

"Titles are good, because then we have something to put on your grave stone." -Jill
"With me dead, who's going to sing at my funeral?" - Dwinn/Griffin

"[Gerda] has no fear of needles." -Mer
"Nyah!" -Julie

"Some people I know are squeamish." -Stark
"Yeah, that'd be me." -Fletcher

"The next generation of squires will be extremely competent, and extremely pathological." -Jason
"And whenever anyone gets mad at them, they cover their butts." -Mer
"Now you're just projecting." -Jason
"Shut up." -Mer

"Okay. He rides you on in." - Mer to Dwinn

"Sometimes a stick of butter is just a stick of butter." -Dwinn, on Freudian slips.
"Sometimes it's lubricant." -Jill

"You never let the other guy go off camera! He's gonna die now!" -Jason
"Oh no, the buddy system has gone horribly wrong!" -Dwinn

"Is there hope for Aiden?" -Dwinn
"What does hope include?" -Mer

Session 33

"Just blow him up." -Jason
"He can't answer questions if he explodes!" - Dwinn

"Let's hope [whatever you do] doesn't affect the outcome." -Mer
"That hasn't happened yet." -Joe

Session 34

"What's up little pup?" -Merlin
"The quotes don't need to record that he said that, just that he died for it." -Jason

"If you wanted to find Dann, and he wasn't right in front of you, where would you look?" -Jason
"The couch." -Mer
"Would you give up before checking his room?" -Jason
"Yes." -Mer
"That answers my question, and almost everything else." -Jason

"We don't have saline solution in Amber?" -Joe
"It's called the ocean." -Mer

"What's a defense minister for?" -Jason
"Offense!" -Mer

"I only cheer up when I'm done slaughtering people." -Fletcher
"Is that your plan for Gerda?" -Luke
"No... not Gerda." -Fletcher

"I doubt that." -Gerda
"There's everything I've said to you, and it matches up with the rest of the world!" -Fletcher

Session 36

"Stack all of your hobbies at once - yoga crochet fiddling!" -Dwinn to Julie

"Rook secretly hates you, but in a secret way that you can tell." -Mer

"Apparently, it was all over-rated." -Mer
"You could say that about so many parts of this game." -Jason

"If I can prove [Gerda] is cheating..." -Jason
"No, she's chaste." -Mer
"She doesn't even like people." -Joe

"This is Amber. It's only oogy because they're not blood relations." - Julie, on Matthias and Syrana's tryst

"No death perception." -Dwinn, re: Cecily

"And she is above reproach, despite being married to you." -Mer, to Jason/Fletcher, re: Gerda

"Can the mason's name be Montresor?" -Joe

Session 37

"With Stark, it's always about sponge baths." -Jason

"[Gerda's] already resigned." -Mer
"Now I just have to work on enthusiasm!" -Jason

"Jill, your head is becoming transparent!" -Jason
"Oh no! I have to go to the past and make sure my parents kiss." -Jill
"That's not how babies are made..." - Jason

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