For Cecily

      "Betimes the murkiness of memory fades, and I recall the time, so long ago, when I led Fiona to this distant shadow... she was silent and still, and remained so for a long time. I put her in a private hospital; that seemed best, and continued with my search.

      "I should have visited more often, but truthfully, I forgot... that is the curse, you see. You forget the way Home, and then you forget Home, and eventually, you forget other things too. A moment of clarity would rise out of the white noise, striking like a discordant bell, and I would remember Fiona and go visit her.

      "It was much to my amazement that I came for a visit and found her married to a lantern-jawed demon hunter, with a son by him almost grown and another child on the way. She had escaped the hospital, and though she remembered naught of Home and the past, she seemed happy. I wondered then if the way to escape the curse were not to create a home wherever one can. Who is to say that what we find in shadow cannot become, in time, as real as that other place that is lost to us...

      "Unfortunately, that is not the solution. It could not be, for creatures such as us, with such passions passed through both blood and up-bringing... Fiona, when she awakened, could not be contained; the madness was too great, and she destroyed her husband and her home. The boy, now a man, had been strong enough to save himself and his sister. I found them a home far from the destruction their mother had wrought, and began the hunt for Fiona."

                                    -- Blaise

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