Quotes from Other Sources

from confer...

Dwinn: It'll be a race against time.
Mer: "Race Against Time"-- so, does this involve Spartacus and a couple of evil overlords?
Dwinn: It's more like a Race Against The Sea Of Time, without the black kung-fu lesbian ship captain.

Jason about Syrana: But just to clarify, she's not a love interest. She's a lust interest, in a sort of dirty old man meets sweet young thing way.

Mer: The Culture of Jay requires certain insults and slams to be delivered back and forth with him, else he weakens and dies.
Joe: The Culture of Jay. Sounds like a good bandname.
Jason: "Culture of J" sounds more like something morally apalling growing in a petri dish.

from diaries...

From Cecily's diary, Confidants:
"Love is a crazy, mixed-up demon you can't shoot with a gun, or cut with a sword."

From Griffin's diary, Building a Mystery:
"I'd relocated to the spare guest room ... My original room had become a shambles after Cecily and I practiced our carpentry skills tearing through the wall in an attempt to release Stark from a parallel universe washroom."

From Fletcher's Diary, Limitations:
"So, all things considered, I'm glad to discover that Cecily is some kind of combat engine in human form."

From Fletcher's Diary, Intimidation:
"[Syrana] doesn't seem to fancy me much, but that's just a little something I have to overcome. I don't fancy me either, but I've learned to enjoy being with me nonetheless."

From Cecily's Diary, Good Intentions:
"The road to hell, they say, is paved with good intentions. Apparently, the road to Amber is paved with all the other kinds."

From Cecily's Diary, Good Intentions:
"[Stark]'s a sweet girl, but she's got to learn to either stop hooking up with weirdos, or stop taking it so personally when they go off the deep end."

From Fletcher's Diary, Crossfire:
"She seemed to think my [feelings] ... about the situation were indicative of the low morals of my people. I find that deeply regretable- it's taken me many, many years to lower my morals to this level, and I think I deserve the credit for that."

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