The following are known errors in the first printing of the book. If you think you've found an error which is not listed here, please contact us at (Mark Newman) or (Gerard Barkema).
  1. Page 427, Problem 8.5: "goes like" should be an equals sign. (FIXED)
  2. Page 286, Figure 10.8: all eight snapshots are identical, when they should have been different. (Unix to DOS conversion problem.) (FIXED)
  3. Page 336: We claim that the rhombic system does not possess the same symmetries as the hexagonal one, but in fact this is not true. Both possess the full symmetry of the triangular lattice.
  4. Throughout: ink density is highly variable and needs attention. Also there are a number of defects of printing such as dust and hairlines on the page which should be removed. Page 283 is a good example. (FIXED)
  5. Page 244, Figure 8.10: the horizontal axis should have two decimal places displayed, so that we can tell that the middle label is 2.25. (FIXED)
  6. Page 290, Figure 11.1: this one came out very dark. In particular the adatoms are hard to see. It would be better if they were in white like Figure 11.4. (FIXED)
  7. Page 186: We say that Lenard never published his three-coloring result, but in fact it appears as A. Lenard, J. Math. Phys. 2, 682 (1961). (FIXED)
  8. Page 369: We say that C and its derivatives are the only languages which support bit manipulation, but in fact FORTRAN 90 does as well. (Thanks to Harvey Gould for pointing this out.)
  9. Page 9: Eqs. (1.10) and (1.12) contain sign errors. (Thanks to Yongyut Laosiritaworn for pointing this out.)
  10. Problem 1.2: solution is wrong. (Thanks to Kan Shen.)
  11. Problem 1.4: solution is only correct in the thermodynamic limit, since the number of sigma vars which are equal to +1 must be even. (Thanks to Kan Shen.)
  12. Page 386: "this a book" should read "this is a book".
  13. Page 64: footnote 6 must be wrong, since Eq. (3.24) claims that the zero frequency component of the susceptibility is proportional to the integrated correlation time, and therefore it cannot be zero.
  14. Page 235: Figure 8.6, horizontal axis label should be L^(1/nu)t, and not just t.

Last modified: April 24, 2002.