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Meira is a PhD student in Design Science at University of Michigan - Ann Arbor.


Meira's research is on the design of conversational services like voice assistants and chatbots. The goal of the research is to understand the performance of these dynamic products across domains and situations  to better inform strategy during the design process.  The current research focuses on people's relationship with these assistants through behavioral research and computational modeling.




Dr. Jesse Austin-Breneman, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering

Dr. Nigel P. Melville, Associate Professor of Technology and Operations, Stephen M. Ross School of Business



NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2017)



Design Research, Design Methods and Processes, Interaction Design, Service Design, Human-Computer Interactions, Conversational Interface Design, Virtual Assistants


Main disciplines in doctoral research plan

Human-computer interaction and design optimization



"Designing Conversational Interfaces to Reduce Dissonance" Proceedings of the 2018 ACM Conference Companion Publication on Designing Interactive Systems


"Why So Risky? A Pilot Study on Risk-Taking in Engineering Design" Poster Session for MCubed Symposium, 2017





For questions about the research, contact Meira at:


Meira Chefitz, Global Design Lab

G.G. Brown Laboratory, University of Michigan

2350 Hayward #2479

Ann Arbor, MI 48109



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