Transforming Armageddon
A report from Alan and Odile Hugonot Haber
The Megiddo Project is now launched. From April 19 to May 1, we traveled to Israel to promote this global/local art for peace action.

"May Peace Prevail on Earth," a Michigan made peace pole, was carried to the hill of Megiddo, Armageddon, and to the best of our knowledge, still stands in the office of the director of the archeological park. The idea, we were told, is too "rife with diplomatic and political implications" to plant in the earth of Israel without approval "at much higher levels." The 7 1/2 foot red cedar post has the peace prayer written in Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic and English. In seeking permissions from the Israeli Government, we received, so far, a letter of encouragement from the President of Israel, wishing us success, and acknowledgement from the Ministry of the Envirionment, thanking us "for our consideration."

On Earth Day, we invited children visiting the site to draw pictures on "what is peace?" 26 drawings were made. We also shared prayers and heard the healing mantra of the medicine buddha, "OM NAMO BAGAWATE BEKANDZE GURU BENDURYA PRABA RANZAYA TATAGAYA ARHATE SAMYAKSAM BUDDHAYA TAYATA OM BEKANDZE BEKANDZE MAHA BEKANDZE BEKANDZE RANZA SAMANGATE SOHA"

We met widely with all parts of the Israeli peace movement. A team on the ground in Israel has begun to function. This dovetails with the contacts from our trip to Palestine and Sabeel in February, about jubilee and liberation theology.

An English Israeli poet living in Jerusalem, has joined the project; we offer his poem "To Saint Paul" reflecting the empathy embraced in this interfaith action.

The local program of this work envisions an area wide "townmeeting" considering the "wars at home," our relation with the war system globally, and what good ideas and approaches to peacemaking are being generated in this community. We plan to have a presence in the art fair, seeking "art for peace" for exhibition at megiddo next spring. and for a local showing. A report on our trip and planning meeting of next steps locally will be will be on Sunday, July 19. Please call for exact time and place (734) 761-7967

William Blake, an English poet and inspirer of 2 centuries ago , said (according to scholars John and Mary Johnson Grant,) "The purpose of art ... is to enable all people to share in vision, coordinating prophetic insights into contemporary events with a visionary perception of how life might be different and better... Significant change can occur only through the the radical regeneration of each person's power to imagine, ...restoring to the rational mind lost faculties of intuition, imagination and feeling." We invite you to support and join the Megiddo Project, using the power of imagination.

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