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megiddo peace table

We offer a peace table, beautiful by all accounts, receptive to all outstanding questions, aesthetically transforming the square of earth to the circle of heaven, with nothing lost. 
 Built with the vision of a peace meeting to end all wars, this table served a whole generation of a family to grow and resolve family conflicts and eat together and socialize and do the bills, etc.  and it was blessed by clergy of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, breaking bread and praying together.  It served as the opening  peace table at the 1999 Hague Appeal for Peace, the world’s largest ever peace meeting.  Noble peace prize winners Desmond Tutu, Rigoberta Menchu Tum and Jose Ramos Horta sat around the table , moderated by David Andrews of Ireland and talked of  what they had learned in their peace efforts in South Africa, Guatemala and East Timor. The table served in the room where different meetings discussed small arms dealing, child soldiers, nuclear weapons, the war in the Sudan, and two sessions on Jerusalem.
  The megiddo peace table, now  in Ann Arbor, has also hosted the peace and environmental coalition for the abolition of nuclear weapons and an international woman’s day "round robin" and several "fish bowl" discussions of the wars in the world and questions on the peace agenda. 

We are soliciting funds to take the peace table to a peace meeting in Israel.  Please help pay for the  costs of shipping the table, this spring, for a peace meeting at Megiddo.

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