Megiddo Meeting
A world peace meeting on the hill of Megiddo:
in the place where revelation revealed a meeting to occur
bringing together light and darkness
bringing to judgement the difficulties of past times
bringing to conclusion these days of woe
beginning finally, a new age ... after the wars

in a quiet place envision a peace
    with an unarmed army embracing all humanity
    true to the fundamental truths of all
    the fundamentalists
    dedicated to all our relations
    for all the women of the world
    considerate of children
enacting rituals to heal the wounds of greed and
the other crimes,
    and the spilt blood that cries out for
    recognition, restoration, reparation,
    restitution, repatriation, return, atonement
    ...and any moral equivalent to revenge
calling for jubilee, agreeing on a call for jubilee
initiating a new social contract, beyond patriarchy
modeling a disarmament with security, recognition
and safety for all.
walking on a land with co-exiting, interpenetrating,
multiple, overlapping sovereignties, non-exclusive,
in a shared stewardship of the past for the future.
casting away outmoded privileges
    of one generation against another...
    of divine right presumed by a few above many
casting lots for tribunes of the people
casting seeds for food, casting votes
smoking the appropriate peace pipes, burying the hatchet,
sharing water, washing together...

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