Megiddo Peace Project - April 2001 

Transforming Armageddon
Tel Megiddo, Israel, April 22, 2001
Earth day and the week following

Exhibit: art for peace:
Visions of peace invited, in all media, from all war and conflict zones in the world
Seeking to include, for instance, Columbia, Sudan, ethopia/eritrea, india pakistan/Kashmir, Sri Lanka, East Timor, West Papua, Ambon, Algeria, Chechnya, the Balkans, Iraq, Palestine/Israel, Tibet, Basque, Chiapas, Congo, Rwanda, Angola, Native America, Cuba…all…manifesting a global inclusive peace vision,  opening the eyes of beauty, through the whys of wars to the hopes of peace people seek… 
Concert: to turn the heart
Musicians, poets and performers invited to address calls for peace to
the masters of war and hardest of heart and the ordinary people of the world
Model peace meeting: all questions
Security, food, land, water, privilege, patriarchy, the environment,
ancient grievances, nuclear weapons, non-violence & peace culture

featuring: Megiddo peace table receptive to all outstanding questions,
women's walk for partnerships past patriarchy, healers' delegation,
peace encampment, holy lands pilgrimage tour  and peace actions


     531 Third Street, Ann Arbor Michigan 48103-4956 USA 
           phone 1-(734) 761-7967; fax 1-(734) 769-2971



SUNDAY JUNE 18,  3PM,  310 South Ashley, Ann Arbor Michigan

Report on Megiddo peace project 2000: April May travels  and plans

Meeting for peace in all the wars in the world: transforming armageddon
Interfaith invocation for peace
Working on a concert to turn the heart: video of concert site

Meeting at the archeological site, tel megiddo
 *the city gate: security and what it means to people
 *the grain silo, hunger in the world, providing for all
 *the water tunnel: solving water shortage
 *the tomb of royalty, considering privileges
 *the old high place, beyond patriarchy, for partnership in power,
 caring and nurturing
 *solomon's columns, wisdoms about sharing land
Report on interfaith activities in Israel.  Aftermath of pope's visit. Jewish-sufi meetings; the struggle in Nazareth about construction of a mosque next to the central church, jewish fundamentalism discussion.

Art for peace
Showing the "peace dove" for megiddo, by ann arbor artist Jackie Brendle,
1000 images of peace by Israeli and international artists, presented by givat haviva 
"open window" and "blue room" exhibit by yoko ono at Umm el Fahm

the peace movement
Seeds of Peace, Bat Shalom Jerusalem, Afula and Tel Aviv. B'Tselem. "matrix of control:" house demolitions, settlement building and expansion, by-pass roads. The prisoners strike, first green action earth day, women's international day of disarmament, rainbow peace march. Trans-Israel highway resistence.

Political issues
Engaging militarism, space weapons, globalization, the nuclear question, mordichai vanunu.  Peace is education, Um el Fahm

We will have an exhibit of the pictures we have taken, the peace organization materials we have gathered, a display of the war project: where are the wars in the world and why. The Megiddo Peace table will be our work space.

 "Proto-type model peace meeting"  PROPOSAL for an October meeting

Monday, October 9, indigenous peoples day, holiday.
Tuesday/Wednesday, October 10-11/ propose to concenrate discussions on all aspects and faces of the war system, israel/palestine; iraq, kosovo, columbia, school of the americas, nuclear weapons, small arms, global economy, the environment, nuclear energy, health, education, etc.
Roundtables, panels, films, radio, tv: try to penetrate conscious in this area
Making connections between the different fronts on which people are struggling basically facing the same system.
Invitations to the publics throughout the huron river and raisin river water sheds

Thursday, October 12, teach-in: putting the peaces together, next steps.

And trying to manifest a culture of peace in putting forward bottom line necessities of justice, if there is to be peace at all.

A program some thing like this in the  fall, "how to do megiddo in ann arbor,"
 is what we hope the discussion Sunday will lead to. 

 We want to share our recent experiences, answer questions and follow the discussion wherever it goes.

Your comments and ideas are invited, as well as your presence.

We are enclosing an envelop to encourage you to send us comments, ideas, names to contact, etc.  donations of money are also welcome and needed. 

Tax deductible contributions can be made care of the interfaith council for peace and justice/megiddo

On earth day 2001 we are returning to tel megiddo.  Building on what we have already done  we can already offer an extraordinary customized tour and peace pilgrimage in the holy lands.  Like this year, we expect about 4 days around megiddo, an art exhibit, a concert and a meeting, in several sessions. You are invited to accompany us.

Hoping you can join us Saturday and Sunday, March 31st and April 1st, 310 south Ashley, Ann Arbor

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