Actions for a Shared Jerusalem
In this period when everything seems hopeless, Israelis and Palestinians plan and organize together, an historical event: "Sharing Jerusalem: Two Capitals for Two States. June 17-21, 1997 - Jerusalem

The peace process seems to have collapsed: there are many Palestinians under administrative detentions; the Israeli Minister of Interior confessed that he had confiscated 150 IDs belonging to Palestinians living in Jerusalem since the beginning of the year.(Tova Elinson the spoke person for this ministry said that the decision was taken to withdraw 1017 IDs belonging to Palestinians.); and not a day is passing without confiscation of Palestinian land by the Israelis authority ..Many Israeli and Palestinian artists met and worked to produce art works especially for the project. Palestinians and Israelis planned together 10 tours in Jerusalem to show the city from different eyes.

"We believe that this message is right- that we can no longer ignore the rights of Palestinians who live in the city, and that we cannot reach peace until both Israelis and Palestinians will learn to live with each other and compromise." explained the activists of Bat Shalom organizing this event.

Bat Shalom is a feminist center for peace and social justice. The aim of the participants is to work toward a democratic and pluralistic society in Israel, where women will be of more influence. By bringing together women peace activists, educators, and community leaders, they strive to raise one another's consciousness and to create together a culture of peace and social justice in Israel. Bat Shalom and its Palestinian counterpart, The Jerusalem Center for Women, were founded together in 1994 and jointly form Link -- Israeli and Palestinian women working for peace.

Some of the actions planned are:

  • A march through East and West Jerusalem is being organized - a first joint march of Israelis and Palestinians marching in both sides of their own city- to say together: "We can share this city and have two capitals in it."
  • A series of "Jazz Nights" -- featuring Phillippe Catherine and Aziza Mustafa along with other Israeli and Palestinian musicians -- will be held in the lovely outdoor gardens of the Ambassador Hotel in East Jerusalem. A must for jazz afficiados!
  • A "Writer's Evening" featuring internationally known Israeli and Palestinian writers who will read from their works.
  • Eight "Alternative Tours" of Jerusalem -- focusing on the Jerusalem not seen by the average tourist -- will operate daily.
  • Painters, graphic designers, and photographers -- from Palestine, Israel, and abroad -- will showcase new works in galleries throughout East and West Jerusalem.
  • A marathon of Israeli and Palestinian youth at Har Homa proclaiming: "No to a new settlement in Har Homa -- Yes to Peace" (sponsored by the international retailer, BENETTON)

These and other events will culminate on June 21st with the March from East to West Jerusalem, ending with a Gala Music Concert held at the historic Sultan's Pool overlooking the Walls of the Old City.

This series of lectures, concerts, art exhibits, and conferences has a goal of mobilizing concerned Israelis and Palestinians and to draw the attention of the domestic and international community to the urgency of addressing the future of Jerusalem in a way which recognizes the political and human rights of all residents in the city.

The actions will be funded by the European Community, The Ford Foundation, The Danish Embassy, The French, Belgium, Swedish and Spanish consulates are funding the project. It received small donations from Palestinian and Israeli individuals. The activists are also appealing to us:" We need your support as well. If you can make a small or big donation - you can make a difference. We hope some of you can support us- and participate in making this dream of Sharing Jerusalem into a reality."

Four members of the Middle East task force of the Interfaith council for Peace and Justice will be participating in the actions of Jerusalem. Harry Clark, Jim Sweeton, Alan Haber and Odile Hugonot Haber. We will bring back a slide show, and audio tapes. Also we just went to Washington to a conference of Friends of Sabeel. Sabeel is a newly formed organization of Christians for Middle East Peace. For more information contact Betsie Barlow, Eastern and North African studies:(313) 747-4142 or

If you are in the US you may send tax-deductible checks to the New Israel Fund NIF, 1625 K St. NW, Washington DC, 20006; Please indicate that money should support the "Sharing Jerusalem" project of Bat Shalom. Please inform us about such donations, because it takes weeks until we actually get them from NIF.

Odile Hugonot Haber, Coordinator of the Women International League for Peace and Freedom- Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Branch and member of the Interfaith Council of the Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice, both Middle East and Disarmament Task Forces.

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