How You Can Help

Financial Donations

Tax deductible donations can be made to "Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice", designated to the "Megiddo Peace Project". Please send all donations to the following address:

Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice
Megiddo Peace Project
730 Tappan
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 (734)663-1870

Budget Needs

the megiddo peace project is an approach through art into politics. a worthy project, unique, exactly needed now and needing support now. please help financially if you can

Item Cost
shipping, etc costs for "peace table" to Israel (and return) $1000
truck rental to move table from place to place 2weeks $1000
van rental for action team travel with table 2weeks $1000
plane tickets for two action team members: native american $1000
plane tickets for two action team members: palestinian american $1000
documentation, video tape


on the ground communications, phones $300
on the ground publicity budget, flyers, printing $500
israel staff coordination, some money to pay a poor activist $1000
usa staff time for letters inviting participation, fundraing,
soliciting art, educational and medical supplies, etc.

In addition: we are soliciting and will carry with us educational supplies for a jahalin beduoin school and a medical clinic.

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