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The Peace Movement in America

April 15-30, 2002 action plan in israel and palestine

We are inviting peace activists to join in creating spiritual political artistic space for peace, highlighting consensus agreements and focusing discussion on outstanding questions.

Our team of six or so will arrive in Israel April 16 and stay through the 30th. Others may join and travel with us. We will as usual weave our ways through the networks of israeli and palestinian peace activists and activities, to end military occupation and create just peace.

We will bring with us the megiddo peace table, art for peace and our good will.

We pray there will be a cease fire in hostilities and a renewed capacity on all sides to seek peace, a freer life and a wider justice for all.

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The megiddo site: Monday april 22, earth day, 2002, noon, meet at the peace pole, "May Peace Prevail on Earth." south observation point, tel megiddo.

Our "free spirit association" has gathered here for prayer and reflection on each of our previous "missions to Megiddo" since we began in 1987.

afterwards we visit parts of the archeological site to consider questions of land, water, security, privlege, power and responsibility, and other questions concerning war and peace. "transforming armageddon" will be our participation in international earth day.

on and around the old "high place" we will try to envision a new social contract beyond patriarchy, toward partnership, caring, sharing and giving, gender justice and hopefully manifest some of the beloved community which is our hope for everyone.

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The maya'an harod park and theater; tentative date saturday april 20, afternoon, open stage, to turn the heart.

poets, performers, artists, drummers. dancers, singers, musicians of any kind to bring the muse, to touch the heart to express a call for peace.

imagine in the front rows the thousand hardest of heart, the masters of war, the worst of enemies, the most powerful of vested interests: what call for justice, jubilee, relief of oppression would turn their hearts, still the hand of violence and let freedom ring?

time and place to be confirmed.

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April 26-27, Israel Earth Day gatherings. in a park in Tel Aviv. to be announced exactly where and when.

We will have the peace table, and also a place to gather for Americans in Israel and Palestine to network and establish liaison with the newly forming jewish organization in America for a just peace.

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"Have table. Will travel"

We plan to bring the "Megiddo peace table" wherever it might be needed, The itinerary will be worked out in consultation with Israeli and Palestinian "just peace activists"

...probably first to women's organizations and different peace and human rights centers, gathering elements of a consensus "best offer" the peace camps might put forward, then to the prime ministers house, to the knesset, to the palestinian authority and legislature, to a conference center, to the green line, to the Bedouin, the unrecognized villages, refugee camps, hospitals, institutes, universities. where and when: to be announced

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Art for peace exhibit

we will bring with us some "art for peace" which we offer for exhibition at different galleries and will show as we move from place to place.

we ask artists in whatever your medium to reflect on, "what is peace?" and to loan to this exhibit whatever is your idea, rendering or expression.

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Conference of round tables

we hope in our time in Israel and Palestine that the many questions that need to be on the table can be discussed simultaneously and in relation to one another:

We will record these discussions for report back to our community and the public in the United States. A clear articulation of the just peace position from Israel and palestine will be important for public education in America and efforts to improve United States policy in the middle east.

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The peace movement in America

Our group is prepared to offer a report and review of the many peace fronts in the United States, and evolving strategies of independent political action, efforts to change United States government policies and defend civil liberties.

In the time of our program in Israel and Palestine, there will be a major united coalition march in Washington to stop the war, demonstrations to close the United States based "terrorist training center" for the Latin American military, lobbying to resist further militarization of the war in Colombia, demonstrations focused on the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, and more. A national Jewish organization for a just peace is being formed and we can report on the recently founded Tikkun Community. We can report also on women's actions, labor rights actions, world social forum delegations, globalization demonstrations, anti-war actions, "the new student movement" and efforts to write a manifesto-like political ethical "port huron statement" for these times.

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