Current Trip to Megiddo: April 15-27, 2005

Cell phone in Israel: 052 857 9963

Ever perseverant, our crew returns to Megiddo, this Spring, continuing the effort to "transform armageddon."

Encouraged by our 2004 trip, this year we plan further meetings with activists and artists to form a "working committee" who can help produce the three components of the "megiddo peace project" 1) a concert for peace, to turn the heart; 2) an art for peace exhibit to open the eye to beauty; and 3) a peace meeting addressing the causes of wars and the war system itself.

We project a time-line to through mid year 2006 to realize this event and its follow up.

This project is part of the effort to create a culture of peace and non-violence for the children of the world.


we are writing a story together, a fiction aspiring to fact.
we are organizing a conference, a meeting to make peace in the world. we invite you to be a character in the story

the story is pretty good so far, its an alright beginning

one of the characters, indeed a whole cast of characters
is able to produce an outstanding, world class, state of the arts, concert for
peace, to turn the hearts

the peace requires a turning of hearts.
of the fathers to the children and the children to the elders, across
generations and across old antagonisms

overturning, turning around, turning forward, leaving behind an old
order of money and fear, power and patriarchy,
opening toward a new age, looking for new Jerusalems, embracing
welcoming a freer life and a wider justice for all.

Specifically, for example,

at the theater at Ma'ayan Harod, we want to produce a concert to turn the heart.
a two or three hour segment, broadcast to the world via all the modern means.

Who are the musicians, a few among the many, enough for the task, who have that incomparable power to touch the heart, to understand and inspire? proceeded perhaps by several days of music and performance, warming the space

This festival event, in our story, will serve to open a citizen initiated call for peace in all the wars of the world and initiating an on-going meeting for peace, bringing to the peace table, all the questions outstanding, the common questions from all the wars, and to come to some conclusions about what needs to be done, and how to do it.

In particular we want to assemble informed roundtable discussions on questions of land, water, security, privilege, power, food, responsibility for the environment, and the life system as a whole, how to share?

The heart turning message is addressed to all the people of the world, and especially to the masters of war, all those who carry the guns, and sell and make the guns and direct the killing. to stop the killing, to lay down the guns, to begin a new social contract for the time after the wars, a time of healing and reconstruction, partnership, caring, sharing and giving.

We want to mark a reference point in the many efforts moving for an abolition of war, to create the possibility of a turning point.

All elements of production are needed:
fundraising and fair economic trade

someone also sought to update the "megiddo" web site to reflect the last several years of work.

Everyone can offer something for the meeting to make peace, a "yes" to start. Be in touch.
Post Office Box 7213
Ann Arbor 48107.
734 761-7967

Odile and Alan

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