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My research has focused primarily on morpho-syntax, the syntax-phonology and syntax-semantics interfaces, experimental linguistics, and field work. I am also interested in syntax/phonology interface explanations for derivational cyclicity, and effects understood via the Empty Category Principle within Government and Binding Theory.

My dissertation examines imperatives, and specifically the interaction between morphology, syntax, and semantics for morphologically imperative verbs. This work is conducted within the generative, Minimalist framework. My qualifying paper focuses on the distribution of resumptive pronouns in Hawaiian, and additional research on Polynesian compares Hawaiian with Niuean with respect to theories of VP-remnant movement. I have also done an experimental study on wh-islands in Japanese and co-authored a talk on the phonology of speech errors. Research and documentation of understudied languages is also a continuing interest.

Research on Hawaiian


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On the cross-linguistic distribution and interpretation of (morphological) imperatives


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Quantitative Research


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