Mike's Same-Sex Marriage 
Resources, some Michigan Specific

FORM Boston has a great web site that has constant updates on the state of various pieces of legislation nationwide and lots of other great info.

The Hawai'i Equal Rights Marriage Project has updates on the situation there and tips for activists everywhere. They have another completely different page at http://www.tnight.com/hermp/.

The Partners Task Force for Gay and Lesbian Couples is a great page and it has won lots of awards.

Freedom to Marry Coalition is a nationwide coalition committed to winning and keeping the freedom of same-gender couples to marry.

Same-sex Marriages page by Rod Swift includes a Michigan-specific page.

Domestic Partnership & Same-sex Marriage page by Scott Safier.

Partnership page from Cyberqueer Lounge.

The official State of Hawaii Report of the Commission on Sexual Orientation and the Law.

The Queer Resource Directory is a mondo-big archive of stuff. Look in the Legal, Organizations, and Hawaii sections especially for pertinent info.

Gay Lesbian Anti Defamation League (GLAAD) is preparing for the media blitz around the same-sex marriage case in Hawaii by recruiting same-sex "poster couples."

The Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund has started a marriage project.

Find a state-by-state list of sodomy laws.

Forum on the Right to Marry (FORM) - Michigan has a brand new homepage!

Triangle Foundation in Detroit will have a lot of resources on this issue in the near future.

LGBPO at University of Michigan has a fierce homepage (I decorated it, of course it is fierce!).

NOW is an ally organization. They are doing a lot of organizing and work on this issue.

Tired of all this depressing serious stuff? Try Blair Online Magazine for a guaranteed laugh, especially the Gay or Eurotrash? interactive online game.

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An interesting note: Neither NGLTF nor HRC has any current info online about same-sex marriages.