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Superior plans bigger budget

Mark Thompson-Kolar
The Ypsilanti Press

SUPERIOR TWP. — The Township board will propose an $826,325 budget Monday, up $54,591 from last year.

The bigger budget includes a $5,000 raise for Supervisor Michael Ricci, raising his salary from $25,000 to $30,000.

A public hearing is scheduled Monday at Township Hall, 3040 N. Prospect.

The additional income is to come from a newly approved $35,000 tax administration fee, and $11,419 more in property taxes, increased cable revenues and more state shared revenues, township officials said during Monday night's meeting.

The higher expenses come from a variety of sources.

The budget figures in salaries for new personnel: Secretary, $16,400; deputy township treasurer, $17,200; deputy township clerk, $5,000; and Planning Commission planning director, $21,800.

The Parks and Recreation Committee is requesting $91,000 from the general fund, an increase of $70,280 over last year, and board members moved to support a $70,000 committee budget.

Other increased expenses on the budget include $5,000 for postage, $5,000 for publishing a newsletter and $9,000 for unidentified projects.

The township allotted no money for these expenses in the current 1989 budget.

The 1990 budget has a $25,700 decrease in the amount set aside for police deputies, but adds a safety officer at $26,350.

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