The Lord of the Rings: Rivers and Seas
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Rivers and Seas


Anduin is the greatest river of northwestern Middle-earth, flowing from its sources in the far north about 1,500 miles to its delta in the Bay of Belfalas. Anduin and its many tributaries drained the area between Mirkwood and the Misty Mountains (known as the Vales of Anduin), and also Anórien, Ithilien, and much of Rohan and Lebennin. Its principal tributaries were the Gladden, Celebrant, Limlight, Entwash, Morgulduin, Erui, Sirith, and Poros. In Westron it was called the Great River.


Belegaer is the sea separating Middle-earth from Aman, stretching from the Helcaraxë in the north to the uncharted south. The principal islands in Belegaer were Balar, Númenor, the Enchanted Isles, and Tol Eressëa. Belegaer is also called the Western Sea, the Western Seas, the Great Sea of the West, the High Sea, the Great Water, the Sundering Sea and, most often of all, the Sea.

Enchanted River

The Enchanted River was a river in Mirkwood, flowing north from its source in the Mountains of Mirkwood until it joined the Forest River. Anyone who drank of its waters or bathed in it fell into a deep sleep and dreamed of Elven-feasts in Mirkwood.

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