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******WARNING: This page, and all pages connected to it of my creation, are largely under construction.******


Whenever there is an update to any part of this site, it will appear here along with the date. Older Updates will be moved to here . It should be noted that updates older than the 2nd of August, 2010 have not been recorded.

August 3, 2010

Updates to "Home", created the pages BMWPraktikum.html and SGLPraktikum.html. Updated Navigation tree.

Coming up

New Page: Hamburg 2010. Updated ChemE home page. Updated SGL Praktikum page. Updated Tolkien Guide Home


Hi. My name is Ryan McKown and I am in my Super-Senior year of study at the University of Michigan. Specifically, the Chemical Engineering department. I am a member of the Michigan Marching Band and of Phi Mu Alpha. I play the trombone in the band and am the current President of the Epsilon Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha located here at UM. I am pursuing a minor in German and have completed two internships in Germany, one at BMW and SGL Carbon. I am also a Classical Music enthusiast, though pretty much anything except rap flys by me. I am an Eagle Scout out of Troop 424 from Jackson, Michigan and I hail from the bustling little town of Brooklyn.

This is my first attempt at a webpage, so if there are any comments, please let me know. RMcKown42@gmail.com

Here is a page devoted to my current home, Ann Arbor, Mi.

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