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Group 4

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The Snake-Legged God

Taubman Amulet 163 Bonner 4)

Cock-headed anguipede, nude except for kilt, head to right, whip with hanging lash in right, shield on right arm. Three stars in field, crescent at upper right, Iao below. (page 280)

Taubman Amulet 163 (Reverse Bonner 4)
Abrasax, star above, crescent below.
Green jasper. Upright oval, 26x19x4 mm. (page. 280)
Taubman Amulet 164 (Bonner 1)

Cock-headed anguipede, wearing chlamys over right shoulder, and kilt; whip in right hand brandished over head, shield on left arm, but only partly shown, as if partly concealed by the body. Iao round edge of shield. (page 280) 

Taubman Amulet 164 (Reverse Bonner 1)

Ouroboros enclosing sabao.
Green jasper. Upright oval, 18 x 14 x 4 mm. (page 280)

Taubman Amulet 165 (Bonner 2)
Cock-headed anguipede, nude except for kilt, head to right, right hand holds whip almost horizontally across the body. On left arm large shield, so held that the inside is seen; on it the vowels . The specimen is unusual in two points. Both snaky legs turn to right, one crossing the other; and the exaggeration of the cock's comb and wattles makes it easy to take the head for that of an ass. 
The reverse is plain. 
Black jasper. Upright oval, 15 x 11 x 4 mm. (page 280) 
Taubman Amulet 174 (Bonner 5)

Sun-god in four-horse chariot, seen in front view. The god's head is turned to left, right hand raised, whip over left shoulder. At first inspection it looks as if his body from the waist down were that of a serpent; but the curious curve may be intended for the box of the chariot. As usual in such designs, two of the horses are turned to left, the other two to right, but the heads of the pole horses are turned toward each other. The wheels are shown as in side view under the two pole horses. Crude work. (page 282).

Taubman Amulet 174 (Reverse Bonner 5)

Cock-headed anguipede, head to left, whip in right hand, shield on left arm. The figure is very unusual in having no kilt to conceal the junction of the trunk with the snake legs.
Mottled jasper, green, yellow, and red. Transverse oval, 20 x 16 x 4 mm. (page 282)

Taubman Amulet 177 (Bonner 58 {formerly Wyndham Cook})

At left, cock-headed anguipede to right; center, lion running to left over dead man; at right, Hermes to front, head to right; purse in left hand, caduceus over right shoulder, chlamys wrapped round right forearm. Eleven characters in field. (page 282) 

Taubman Amulet 177 (Reverse Bonner 58 {formerly Wyndham Cook})

Six characters in two lines.
Green jasper. Transverse oval, 16 x 12 x 3 mm.
Catalogue of the Wyndham Cook Collection, 220, Pl. 9; the description is faulty. (page 282)

Taubman Amulet 178 (Bonner 6)

Anguipede, head indistinct but probably meant for that of a cock. Below the abruptly narrowed waist are two thin lines, which were meant for legs or else for the beginning of the snake coils; but at the position where the feet would be is a kilt from which snakes curve upward on each side, their heads opposite the waist of the human part. A very strange representation of the anguipede, apparently without parallel. The right hand holds an uncertain triangular object somewhat like a rhyton or drinking horn (the scratches over it are adventitious). In the left hand is a torch, or possibly a hammer. Round the snake coils is an inscription, apparently in the same unknown characters as those on the reverse. (page 282)

Taubman Amulet 178 (Reverse Bonner 6)

Inscription in nine lines, the ninth crowded and partly worn away. Some of the characters resemble Greek letters, but since the stone is of Syrian origin, it is possible that a degenerate Semitic alphabet was used. Neither Greek nor Semitic scholars have thus far been able to read it. 
Unidentified black stone resembling slate. Oblong, with square corners above, rounded below, 37 x 27 x 6 mm. There is a groove in the middle of the upper edge, probably cut in order to clasp the stone more firmly in a setting. (pages 282-283) 

Taubman Amulet 180 (Bonner 3 {formerly Wyndham Cook})

Human-headed anguipede, head to right, whip in right hand, shield on left arm. Round lower margin, . (page 283)

Taubman Amulet 180 (Reverse Bonner 3 {formerly Wyndham Cook})

Bloodstone. Upright oval, 16 x 12 x 4 mm. Obverse flat, reverse convex.
Catalogue of the Wyndham Cook Collection, 218; no illustration. (page 283)

Harpocrates, the Young Sun

Taubman Amulet 201 (Bonner 18)

Harpocrates seated to left on lotus in papyrus boat, feet resting on a small pedestal; right hand to lips, left holds flail whip. Hawk with a crest of three projecting feathers on left end of boat, crouching cynocephalus on right end. Below, , isopsephic equivalent of  (3663). (page 286) 

Taubman Amulet 201 (Reverse Bonner 18)

Beginning on left end of bevel, encircling the stone and finishing on the face, the Aberamenthoou palindrome. (discussed in Studies in Magic Amulets by C. Bonner on pages 202-203).
Green jasper shaded with red. Transverse oval, 15 x 11 x 4 mm. (pages 206-207)

Taubman Amulet 206 (Bonner 17)

Harpocrates seated to right in very small papyrus raft, right hand raised towards mouth, left holding flail whip. Small disk on head, star and crescent at left and right. Above, three scarabs, at left, three hawks, at right, three goats, below at left, three cobras, at right, three crocodiles. (page 207)

Taubman Amulet 206 (Reverse Bonner 17)

The Chabrach formula complete. On the bevel, , "Grant favor to the wearer."
Dark brown jasper. Upright oval, 23 x 19 x 5 mm. Edge slightly chipped. (page 207)

Taubman Amulet 207 (Bonner 16)

Harpocrates kneeling to left on lotus, right hand to lips, left holding flail. Scarabs, hawks, and goats in the usual arrangement; but below, the engraver has so slighted his pattern that it is doubtful whether he meant to represent crocodiles or snakes; probably the former. Very crude work, of interest only because of the unusual kneeling posture of Harpocrates and the abscence of a boat or raft. (page 287).

Taubman Amulet 207 (Reverse Bonner 16)

; the last word on the bevel, followed by  (character) . Read  <>
Dark green jasper. Upright oval, 24 x 21 x 5 mm. Obverse slightly convex, reverse flat. (pages 287-288)

Taubman Amulet 221 (Bonner 53)

Youthful figure, beardless, standing to left, wearing headcloth, and wrapped from shoulders to knees in close folds resembling the coils of a snake; yet head and tail of the reptile are missing. There is an amusing resemblance to the little "Michelin man" of a well-known French advertisement. Six lines curve downward from the coils. There are a few non-Greek characters along the margin at left and right, and a six-pointed star made with interlaced triangles at bottom. The design has been discussed at p. 147, n. 45. (In Studies in MagicalAmulets by C. Bonner) 
If the stone is genuine, no satisfactory explanation of it has been offered. If it is a forgery, it is not a recent one; the fact that the edges have been ground down, thus damaging the star and characters, suggests that the stone was worn for some time before it was fitted to a smaller setting. 
The reverse is plain. 
Bloodstone. Upright oval, 18 x 15 x 4 mm. Obverse flat, reverse convex.
Compare Capello, Prodromus Iconicus 212; chieflet, Pl. 25, 103, is more elaborate and is inscribed on reverse. (page 290) 

All descriptions of amulets are taken directly from:

Bonner, C. Studies in Magical Amulets. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1950.

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