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Adventures in the 'Verse
Western Movies as Adventure Seeds for Serenity 
The Searchers
A girl or other family member taken by a Reaver Raid and her parents want her found and brought home. Or with Reavers at least made sure she is dead.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
A valuable shipment of material stolen during the war was hidden somewhere and now members of the old unit are after it, turning on each other every step of the way.

The Magnificent Seven, Seven Samurai
A small farming outpost on a border moon is raided yearly by Outlaw Revenuers/Bandits. Some of the farmers are looking for heroic hired guns to protect them.

Fistful of Dollars, Yojimbo
Two powerful local families are vying for control of a border moon, clever men might make a good deal of money playing both sides against each other.

Once Upon A Time in the West
Just make the two gangs space borne or make them competing families of wealthy folk. The widow's land can be the perfect place for a new Corporate or Alliance spaceport.

Perfect set up already, but for some twists you could make the rapists protected members of the ruling class or the whore house a Courtesan House who have exhausted all legal means at their disposal and have hired mercenaries to kill the rapists.

The Wild Bunch
A bank job goes south and the robbers are forced to steal a supply shipment for a corrupt Alliance General in exchange for protection from their pursuers.

The Professionals
A rich man's wife is kidnapped by a local outlaw and the party is assembled to go after them and bring her back.

High Noon, Outland
A group of very bad men are due in to make planetfall on the next transport and the local lawman finds his list of friends and time grows short.

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