Melanie Caughey, CAP
(Certified Administrative Professional - IAAP)

-->Secretary Intermediate,
Elect Eng and Comp Sci,
University of Michigan

Career Path:
Office/Administrative Support Career Band


Academic Preparation:
Certified Administrative
( National-IAAP)

Bachelor of Business Administration - 1998 (cum laude)
Eastern Michigan University

Washtenaw Community
(3.65 gpa) -previous
prerequisites and courses
to transfer to EMU

University of Michigan

North Campus, Pierpont Commons

College of Engineering


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Lurie Nanofabrication Laboratory

LNF employees

NNIN at Michigan

SSEL professors

Solid State Electronics Laboratory

North, Hospital, and Central campus areas are places where things happen. Activities and events are all around. It's a place of opportunity and growth, where people arrive at the university as students and leave as "leaders & best." A plethora of food options of every variety are sold in every direction. When you get sick, accessible medical care is just a bus stop away. Historic buildings and public art sculptures are all around. Central bus stops can take you all around after your quick hop onto their vehicle. The Farmers Market is a few blocks away, a quick walk in the Arb is an easy summer stop after a UMHS workday, the vibrancy of city life with flash mobs or other happening events is all around. Very different from working out of town!

Thank you notes
thank you notes


kicked to the curb

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

(gingerbread UM bus):

gingerbread magic bus

Melanie Catherine Ann Caughey
Dedication to customer service; courteous professional demeanor...
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